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Canva Graphic Design App
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We always come across and use graphic designed works in one way or the other everyday, either through social media, sharing invitation to friends or sharing on social media. But the problem we have sometimes is how to create the graphic design and that brings us to canva. So If you need a graphic design app that will help you with your day to day activities, then canva is the best graphic design app for you. so with that said lets look at what canva is;

What is canva?

Canva is an ultimate user-friendly design app that makes it possible for anyone to create eye-catching images without graphic design experience. Canva makes design amazingly simple and fun to Create stunning designs with your photos and videos even if you’re not an expert in graphic design.


 Usability and Design

Canva makes it incredibly easy to create designs without any design experience or know-how. It is a lite app with a simple and well organized layout the app looks nice and makes it easy for users to get their photos ready for use in no time. All the user have to do is just to Create a design from blank canvas, or save time and use any of the 60,000 FREE templates created by professional designers or use high quality templates that require users to pay. No need for a tutorial or to hand draw designs.

Users can add elements (graphics, illustrations, doodles, photos, etc.), text (including pre-made text layouts), different backgrounds, or their own photographs and images. This is a high level of customization and versatility, and all of these actions can be performed through simple drag-and-drop functions.

Canva is very easy to use, which means it takes very little time at all to create stunning images, infographics, or designs and when your done Share your designs directly to Instagram, WhatsApp, email or simply save to your device.


          Features Of Canva

Canva has a large amount of features users can use to great their graphics and designs, including:

  • Image cropping
  • Adding text to photographs
  • Speech and thought bubble creator
  • Image editing, transparency, straightening, and enhancing
  • Thousands of templates for all possible types of marketing collateral, ranging from social media posts to business cards
  • Grids to ensure straight, balanced designs
  • Photo and image frames
  • Stickers and badges for websites
  • Collaborate on Canva
    Create a free team to easily share & edit designs with friends or colleagues. Work together to finalise presentations, business cards, brochures, and other design needs. Upgrade to Canva Pro to set your brand colours & upload brand fonts.
  • Find you previous template from recently used
  • Quick search to find your perfect template fast and easy

     Pros Of Canva


  • Lots of free templates
  • Looks neat and easy to use
  • Canva app is free for download
  • Suitable for all project
  • No annoying ads
  • Allows you to edit with payed templates before paying

Cons Of Canva


  • Graphic shapes are not too flexible
  • Some good templates are not free


Overview Of Canva

I have been using canva for a while now and from my own point of view it is the best graphic mobile design app out there. Compared with other similar apps canva is more versatile, although some are better in some ways due to they focus on one side like logo design, flyers, cards etc but still canva offers all of them with a nice free templates for any project the user what’s. The only problem  with canva is that the app lacks shape flexibility but still on the other said the more flexible the app becomes the more complex therefore making it uneasy for some users which is not the main aim of the app. Overall canva is a good app to work with and I give it (4.5/5) and I surely recommend it for you if your looking for an easy graphic design app on the go. You can download it from this link. Click Here To Download. Hope you like this article and don’t forget to comment below.

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