Concept Of Human Issues In Computer

Human Issues with Computer
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Computer as we know is been used worldwide and has always been in the field of acceptance right from its date of invention.As of today, it’s now used in all associations, companies, organizations, banks, schools, even in churches you name it, being accepted like a disease infesting a living body. Yes of course it’s a great invention which in countless ways changed the way of life and made things more easy, but of course as there are advantages there are also disadvantages. But What are the Concept Of Human Issues In Computer.

Human issues are problems that the human beings (men and women) must take care of and solve. Relating it with the issues in computer, they are the problems we humans have with computer as we use them .There are so many vast issues and problems we humans face as generated due to the use of computer, many of them which can be categorized under; SECURITY, IMMORALITY, HEALTH, TRUST.


Security Issues In Computer


The first Concept Of Human Issues In Computer  on our list is Security. One of the most wanted factors of life, security is nowadays proven to be more efficient using computer than any other option, this in turn gives fraudsters, hackers, the opportunity to find a loop to extort, dupe, bully, and trick people and organizations of money and other valuables.

As more personal data are stored online, everyday complaints are made of lost, stolen and misplaced personal information, documents, and other valuables. Cyber theft and crime rises everyday as insufficient solutions are not created, social media and networking customers all at risk as any personal information or data can be taken and publicized. Companies big or small are always at risk as they fear the calamities of theft of hackers and fraudsters which any of their private documents, data, and valuables including money extortion can be taken and used against them. Having a good firewall is no longer enough to prevent penetration from theft, as there are complaints of breakage made every time by these companies with the assumed strong firewall. With no exclusion of individual users, personal files and information released online can be tapped, some which are dropped in the internet without the individual even reading terms and conditions which are applied to the file or document that will be submitted online leading to backfire when they are used against the owner.

Security is what everyone needs on daily basis when it comes to using computer. As cyber crime rises, more assurance is always requested by computer users from companies and social media owners that data and files uploaded are strongly secured and protected from theft. People are also advised not to indulged in these cyber crimes as strong penalties are to be faced if caught.

Immorality Issues in Computer


Immorality is another Concept Of Human Issues In Computer we need to look at. Bad behaviors, bad attitudes, watching of adult and rated movies, all which can be categorized under IMMORALITY are now easily accessed in computers from the internet. Children and under aged, viewing these adult and rated movies with no restrictions and parental control, even when the parents manages to handle these at home, there is no guarantee these children will restrict themselves from these immoralities when out of the house as friends and computers out there can still view them. Adult movies is a very bad influence and gives wrong impact in children and adults not excluded from all areas behavior, attitudes, way of thinking, influencing others, even communicating with others, all these gotten just from watching them. It configures the brain making you think and see of the opposite sex the wrong way.

Rated and adult movies are in so many places around the world considered to be a stage in kids when growing up but in good reasoned thinking, it’s not even supposed to be watched till age (rated movies) or at all (adult movies ). Computers sure do give good impact in children like in education, making studying easier, researches, lectures, and countless advantages, but unwanted access leads to other things, other immoral doings.

Imitation of bad behaviors and characters, bad vibes of children and adults from celebrities is widely growing around the world as these celebrities are watched on laptops, phones, tablets, displaying them without even knowing the effects. Children most especially take this to be a way of life as they sometimes grow up behaving like these celebrities acting arrogantly and stubborn and giving out bad vibes to people around them. These bad characters gotten from watching those celebrities believe it or not do affect the outcome of kids which after growing up will require therapy and other physical medications prescribed to them. Parents, not knowing how to stop their kids from these bad behaviors of celebrities, and the influence of rated and adult movies, find it difficult to prevent the outcome of their kids having issues as they grow up.

Health Issues in Computer


Another Concept Of Human Issues In Computer in our list that we neglect.Given in all aspects physical, psychological, mental, computer affects humans as we use it in our everyday activities. Mostly known physically, directly staring at very bright light over a long time strains the eyes which if done for months, years may result to temporal or permanent eye defects and problems. Screen lights from laptops and phones can greatly cause these problems without carefully maintaining our distance from the screen in high brightness and used for a very long time. Many not knowing this, do not even care about prevention and finding a better way of using their gadgets, in other to avoid eye defects, some however try to maintain a good eye condition by using computer in low screen brightness and wearing glasses during usage.

Staying at home for days, weeks, even for a couple of months, people use their computers while spending all these time to make only online friends without ever meeting them physically and also taking care of activities like paying bills, schooling , shopping, gaming , fact they do not even come outside to see the bright sunny day. All these indoor time spending affects the psychology and mentality of the individual, letting him or her see the world differently not even knowing how to communicate and interact with people.

These individuals might in some cases only know how to behave and act from what they have experienced while using their laptops and computer, needing therapy and counseling to rearrange and get normal. Personal hygiene are sometimes ignored by such individuals, not bathing, shaving, and eating unhealthy foods.

Trust Issues in Computer


Lastly on Concept Of Human Issues In Computer is Trust.These computers have made us believe that hard copies are no longer needed in our lives, that it’s all about the soft copies well, I would say that it’s not entirely true as we still require the hard copies. We entirely put our trust on these machines and technologies, not knowing there are consequence to such. Earlier, as I was typing this article, I had finished the first few paragraphs only to start at the very beginning all over again just because of a lousy mistake of clicking the wrong option while trying to safe my work. I had initially decided to write down my ideas before typing but what the heck it would be a double work, so I just started to type down my ideas flying blind not knowing what was coming.

I lost all my work even time and started all over again, had I written it down having a hard copy before typing, all that I could have lost would be time. The ideas of Artificial Intelligence (AI) have being rising through the years, giving more power to a machine and technology like the ones it already have is not enough. Water systems, lights, doors, cars, planes, and so many can now be controlled by a computer written program which can also be controlled from somewhere without owner’s awareness if hacked and might be used for wrong purpose. Earlier in the beginning I talked about security, trusting everything in the hands of computer is a very big bad idea because as is created by man, can also be controlled by man and used for selfish and wrong purpose. So that’s it with the major Concept Of Human Issues In Computer


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