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In this article we’re taking a closer look at the super lightweight Google go browser, which is now finally spread globally and can be downloaded by anyone. So if you didn’t already know Google Go is essentially a super streamlined version of Chrome, with download size of seven megabytes. Making it perfect for emerging markets, for those of you with really modern smartphones.

Usability and Design

The main interface is fresh, clean and streamlined to ensure that no matter your smartphone, you do get the fastest smoothest experience possible. I have to applaud the bottom search bar that makes it so much easier to use on the larger phones. You don’t have to stretch to access the Google search bar itself. The rest of the main Google Go de facto homepage is designed to get you to your favorite sites and common corners of the internet pretty much instantly. It does rely heavily on web apps, of which more can be added like bookmarks if you want to just head directly to your favorite sites. The pre configured navigation options at the top are static and can’t be changed. considering that nearly all Google developed apps now into the dark mode. It’s disappointing that Google didn’t add it on Google go. You can however alter the background theme of the main homepage, should you wish.

Google go
Google go

Features Of Google Go Browser

The Google Go browser comes with lot of cool features like ;

Google Lens :  The Google Go browser manages to bundle in the lens, which means that you have a one stop shop for most of your browsing needs. You can easily use Google lens directly from the browser.

Search bar : Search bar appears at the bottom of the screen for easy access.

Recent searches : recent searches appears just above the search bar below the screen so that you can quickly resume your searches, although you cannot disable this feature, at least as far as I can tell.

Discover new apps and websites : you can find new apps and websites by swapping on the Google Go homepage to find a list of apps and websites. You can explore the different categories and open an app by tapping on it. You can also touch and hold apps to add them on your Google go homepage and do the same to remove them.

Voice search : just like chrome and other popular browsers, Google go is not an exception. With Google go you can use the assistant for voice searches. Just click on the voice search and speak to your phone and you will see the results. You can use the suggestions to improve your search or click the voice icon to search again.

Listen to web pages : Google go can read websites out loud and you can listen instead of reading. When you are on a website you will see a play button below your screen. When you press play Google go will read out the words on the page. You can pause, rewind or fast forward the audio using the control panel.

Lite Mode : lite mode enables you to load web pages fast by reducing the content of the web page. I think one of the best outright features in Google go is the ability to force, like web pages by standard. Of course, this might prove especially useful if you have spotty or slow data connections.


The lack of tabbed web browser and dark mode might be a down side for some of you out there. But for those not well versed in tech, Google go is a pretty solid mobile browser that is fast, lightweight. You can download Google go by clicking HERE. Of course I would love to hear your thoughts. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.


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