How To Choose A Budget Smartphone In Nigeria

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In this article we are going to look at how to choose a budget Smartphone in Nigeria but first lets look at what a budget Smartphone is.

What is a budget smartphone ?

These phones are designed for those that are on a strict budget and they are willing to sacrifice as many features and performance to get a new smartphone for basic use.

So now that you have understood what a budget smartphones is how do you now choose the right budget smartphone for you. You can also Click Here to read How to Choose a Smartphone in Nigeria

iOS and Android


Choose an operating System

Considering the price of apple phones(iphone) it is best to choose android phone cause they are way more cheaper than iphones and its ability to be customized. There are lots of android brands that you can choose from with cool OS.



This should be you first consideration when planning to buy a budget smartphone. Your budget will determine the type of  phone you will buy, like I explained before on how to choose a smartphone in Nigeria. Before in Nigeria with 25,000 naira you can get yourself a very nice budget smartphone phone but now you can’t a nice phone at that price.There’s no shortage of great options at any price, so before anything else, think about how much you’re willing to spend and pick from there.


Apart from budget this is the second most important thing to consider when choosing a smartphone to buy in Nigeria. There are lots of phone brands out there but the problem is how to get it in Nigeria. Most of the phones out there are not available in most Nigerian phone stores. Even if you manage to get the phone, you will be taking a serious risk because any malfunction of the phone or damage it will be hard for you to find where to repair it. So to be on a safer side choose a common brand.


Battery Life

Due to lack of constant power in Nigeria it Is obviously that you need to consider battery when picking a budget smartphone in Nigeria. Many phone brands are working hard to improve their phone battery for long lasting. Definitely no one  like charging their phone always and that’s why you need to consider you’re the phone battery to avoid frequent charging or fast battery drain on a heavy usage. When choosing look for phones with upto 4000mah battery (These are measured in milliamp per hours) that will last a day without charge.


When it comes to display you have to choose the best display for your budget. Because You’re going to spend a lot of time looking at your phone’s screen, So make sure it’s a nice one. People generally consider AMOLED screens to be the best option for smartphones, because of their vibrant colors, deep blacks and wide viewing angles. In certain situations, when viewing a black background AMOLEDs actually prolong your battery life because those dark sections aren’t displaying the color black. Instead, the pixels are completely turned off. Meanwhile, LCD screens are more common on cheaper devices because they’re cheaper to produce, but that doesn’t mean they’re awful. In fact, because the whole panel is backlit, they’re often easier to see under direct sunlight. When choosing a phone make sure it is at least a HD display (720×1280).



These days, just about every flagship phone has a good camera. That doesn’t mean you need to pay a lot for great photos though. Here’s a tip: when it comes to camera don’t get hung up on megapixels. Think about the situations where you tend to use your camera most. If you’re not much of a smartphone photographer, a single rear-mounted camera will suit you just fine. Pick a phone camera that suits your need although smartphones are known for taking high-quality photos in general, actual picture quality will vary quite a bit between brands and models. The best way to measure camera quality in a phone is to search for sample pictures online taken with that smartphone model or to demo the camera yourself.


Performance is very important when it comes to smartphones. Everyone hates slow phone cause its very annoying unless you’re a turtle probably you would like it. Multi-taskers and people who enjoy playing the latest graphically intense games on their phones will need more horsepower than the rest of us. If that’s you, be mindful of the phone’s chipset and RAM. For high-performance situations look for a budget smartphone with up to 2-3gb of RAM.



Noting can be more frustrating as trying to decide which apps to keep and which to delete because you’re running out of storage space. But it is hard some times  to get a budget smartphone phone with 32G ROM,  so get as much storage as your budget allows and keep an eye out for options that have microSD card slots. They allow you to cheaply add storage for your apps and media without having to buy a brand-new device or make hard choices about which photos, music or videos you’ll need to move to your PC or to the cloud.


Choosing a new budget smartphone can be a little bit complicated, but if you have a solid sense of your budget and priorities, it can be a straightforward process. Just take your time, do some research and ask your friends (including Techubway).



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