How To Use WhatsApp Business Application

A guide on the use of the business version of the widely used messaging app

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Here is a guide on the use of the business version of the widely used messaging app. Before we proceed, let’s give a brief description of WhatsApp and its use. You can click HERE to check the 3 cool whatsApp features you don’t usually use.

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a free messaging application that connects over 1 billion people, in more than 180 countries for communication. It has helped people connect with their families and friends, at any time around the world for free. WhatsApp supports the transmission of different types of media, such as texts, photographs, videos, documents, and locations.

WhatsApp users do not need to pay for sending or receiving messages, as long as their devices have internet connections. With the group chat feature on WhatApp, people can send messages to groups of people in their lives, and each group can contain as much as 256 people. Users can also utilize their voice and video call, which is an important feature of WhatsApp.

What is WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp business is also a free messaging software designed mainly for use on android and iPhone devices. It was built for small businesses to enable them to communicate easily with their customers by using tools for automatic messaging.

WhatsApp business features

1. Business profile : This feature enables business owners to list their business address, email, website, and other important information about their company.

2. Statistics : WhatsApp statistics allows businesses to collect, analyze, and interpret their
messages to keep track of the ones that were successfully sent, delivered and read.

3. Messaging tool : Messaging tools enable businesses to respond to chats quickly and automatically.

4. WhatsApp Web : With this feature, WhatsApp chats can be synchronized with the PC, allowing the user to send and receive messages on any device of their choice.

How to download and set up whatsApp business

Note, you need a business phone number to set up your WhatsApp business, so if you have a phone with dual sim card slots, you don’t need to worry. All you need to do is to insert your business line as sim one or two of your phone then you are good to go. This is because every WhatsApp account has a dedicated phone number, so It is impossible to use one phone number for both your WhatsApp and your WhatsApp business. WhatsApp recommends that you make a manual backup of your chat history if you want to migrate your WhatsApp chat history to your new WhatsApp
business. Your chat history will no longer be available if at any time you choose to discontinue using WhatsApp business. You can as well use both WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp messenger as long as both apps have different phone numbers.

Steps to Download WhatsApp business

1. Go to google play store or iTunes App Store on your phone

2. Click on search and then type “whatsapp business”

3. Click on”install” to download and install the app on your phone

4. After the installation, you follow the prompt on the screen to setup your account.

Steps to set up your WhatsApp business account

1. Open the whatsApp business icon on your phone

2. Verify your business phone number and restore your previous chat history

3. Input your business name , business profile picture, description of your business, and your business location/address.

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