Opay payment platform in Nigeria

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As the world strive to move into an era of cashless economy, which is an economy based on transactions made by credit cards, debit cards, wallets or digital modes, which  gave rise to payment platforms like Opay.

What are payment companies ?

They are companies that handles transaction between two parties, such as merchant and customer. They accomplish the payment by relaying the payment information, like a credit card, from the customer to the merchants preferred bank account. Some of the big payment platforms in Nigeria are; Interswitch, Paystack, Pay u…

With that in mind lets head over to the main topic which is Opay payment platform in Nigeria.



What is Opay ?

Opay(OperaPay)  is a payment platform developed by opera software and was launched in Nigeria on August 2018 and since then has been on a journey of constant growth.  It is a platform designed to enable users to shop and pay for services and products through their mobile or web browser.

How it works

Opay is a simple payment platform you can use for transaction . All you have to do is just to download the app from playstore  and sign in with your phone number. You will receive a one time code that you will use to authenticate your account and that’s all you can then use the app. Once you fund your Opay account you can use it to pay for their services.

Features of Opay

Easy and free money transfer

With Opay you can send money, pay bills and buy food, or withdraw cash from an Opay agent.

Pay and top up

Pay bills, buy airtime and mobile data, or top up your sports betting account.


Send and receive money from any bank in Nigeria

With Opay you can use your phone number as a bank account to transfer money to any bank in Nigeria using PayCom.



ORide is one of Opay package in the Opay app that enable users to order a safe ride with huge discount. If you need a quick means of navigating traffic, ORide is your preferred choice. ORide comes with a huge discount, and a promo going on now, Pay 50 naira on every trip less than 800 naira this September with Opay app.


Quickly pay for a delicious meal with Opay and they will deliver it right to your door. Get a taste of the variety of offers from more than 200 restaurants.


You can also be an Opay agent in your neighbourhood and make good money from commissions on transactions from users. Go to https// or contact them on whatsApp : +2349066722924.

I have been using Opay since this year and it has made my life very easy with ORide I have been enjoying a huge discount since this september. What I love most about their app is the user Interface which is very friendly and how it works smoothly when doing any transaction. I really recommend Opay for you go and download Opay app from the playStore to make your life easy, hope you like this article.

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